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Why an Allergy Guide? 

 It is already difficult enough to find products that work for your hair type, and even harder when you have allergy limitations. This guide was created using the signature Ultimate Product Guide curly girl key that will tell you exactly what products are right for you. 

 We have also included a new super easy to use allergy key to help you navigate which products to love and which products to stay away from. This Allergy guide specific key will tag products free of:





 And ALL products in the allergy guide are silicone, sulfate, paraben, and nut-free! 

 I made this guide with the intention to make product shopping easier and less stressful by adding in allergy free elements. 

 Disclaimer: All products are silicone, sulfate, paraben, and nut free. We have done thorough research to ensure that the products are labeled properly. however, from time-to-time manufactures may change the ingredients of products. we will try to keep track of this as best as we can, but if you suffer from a severe allergy, please double check the ingredient list. Curlvitality is not held responsible if an allergic reaction occurs.

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